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The analyst says Sony shouldn't buy Metal Gear or Final Fantasy IP

Video game analyst Michael Pachter thinks Sony acquiring the Metal Gear or Final Fantasy franchises would be a huge mistake.
With Microsoft's massive acquisition of Bethesda revolutionizing the video game industry, many gamers and insiders alike wondered what franchise Sony could purchase in response. Both Final Fantasy and Metal Gear series were touted as potential IPs for Sony to acquire, but according to video game analyst Michael Pachter, getting either of them would be a mistake.
Pachter recently spoke to GamingBolt about potential Sony acquisitions, with individual IP addresses rather than entire studios. Two of the most discussed franchises are Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy, both of which have had a strong relationship with PlayStation platforms in the past. With a Metal Gear Solid remake rumored in development for PS5 plus the timed console exclusivity of Final Fantasy 16, both series look like they're naturally a good fit for Sony. And according to Bachter, that's exactly why you shouldn't buy it.
Pachter thinks that the franchises would only sell "a couple million extra units," as neither franchise is a “system seller” in the US. Pachter states that Sony buying the franchises would sell PS5 consoles in Japan but makes a good point regarding the fact that “the Japanese are not buying Xbox” as is. With Final Fantasy 16 already being a PS5 timed exclusive as well, little could be gained with acquiring the IP in Pachter’s opinion. Pachter also states that "Metal Gear without Kojima might not be worth very much," though Sony could easily give the IP back to Hideo Kojima for a new project.
Pachter’s biggest point regarding the acquisition of Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy being a bad idea is that “those Japanese games will be on PlayStation anyway.” As the industry analyst states, “Sony isn’t at risk of losing those titles,” and the mature-rated Final Fantasy 16 only being on the PS5 console for a limited time proves that. With Japanese titles always finding the most success on the Sony platform and selling far less copies on Xbox, PlayStation is in no danger of losing FF or Metal Gear games. With that in mind, Pachter states that acquiring a more Western property like WB Games’ Batman or Mortal Kombat makes far more business sense for Sony.
Pachter recently discussed the Bethesda acquisition in detail, and with his belief that games like Starfield could still come to PS5, perhaps Sony does not need to make any moves at all. Sony could certainly survive without additional acquisitions being made given their already large lineup of first party, AAA studios. While making a move is obviously possible and could benefit the PlayStation 5, many believe that it is equally viable for Sony to acquire no new studios or IPs anytime soon.
Pachter had some harsh words for PlayStation, however, as he claims “Sony blew it” with the PS5 digital edition and its shockingly low price. With the industry insider having both criticism for Sony as well as business suggestions, it will be interesting to see if the company takes his advice going forward.
Source: GamingBolt